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Chocolate, Almond and Hazelnut Toffee: Holiday Treats!

When it comes to making candy, I’m typically a disaster. Case in point: my most recent attempt to make homemade marshmallows. I read and read about how delightfully easy they are to make, and how incomparable they are to store-bought, … Continue reading

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I’m Going to Tell You About These Cookies…

This is my last week of work before the wedding. I’m not getting married quite yet, but I am going to enjoy a week of catching up with friends, tying up loose ends, and relaxing. A co-worker asked me today … Continue reading

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Bistro Dinner Part 2: Dark Chocolate Souffle

After watching enough episodes of Top Chef, I have become thoroughly convinced that souffles are the devil. They don’t rise. They don’t end up having the right consistency without precisely the right oven temperature. They’re just overall a big mess. … Continue reading

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Banana Bread with Chocolate and Ginger: For Friendship

There are those dishes that instantly transport you to distant destinations, or the comforts of your childhood. Associations, as we call them, are what gives these dishes such boundary-bending properties. We all have these associations, these connections that add context … Continue reading

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eating/sf and Foodzie Present: A Neo Cocoa Giveaway for the Best Musical Pairing

I first met the co-founder of Foodzie, Emily Olson, a few months after she and her co-founder, Rob LaFave, opened shop just a few doors down from my office. We had a chance to reconnect at SXSW Interactive, and they … Continue reading

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A Chocolate Caramel Tart to Mark an Occassion

Tomorrow is my birthday so it seems fitting to share with you a recipe for a chocolate caramel tart (with sea salt, no less). It’s really decadent, luxurious, and sweet–with a nice little salty kick at the end. This cake … Continue reading

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A Triple Chocolate Cookie in Place of Your 70% Bar

Saying that I ‘like’ chocolate is very much an understatement if there ever was one. I eat chocolate every single day. Do you think I’m lying? Go ahead and fumble through my pantry and you’ll find at least one (but … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodie Friends

Those of us with foodie friends know that you can never have too many cooking utensils, spices, oils, gadgets and gizmos. To me, these things are like shoes. I like items that look pretty and can sometimes sit on my … Continue reading

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Holiday Potluck Recipes

December has, over the years, become one of my favorite months. Ever since I passed the school days and could no longer look forward to summer vacation, December has become my closest reincarnation of summer break. Every weekend is packed … Continue reading

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From Conception to Fruition: The Birthday Cake

I’ve never been a fan of German Chocolate Cake–largely, because of the coconut content. It’s one of the few things (besides cauliflower) that I simply can’t stand. But, my boyfriend Matt claims this cake to be his absolute favorite. In … Continue reading

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