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Linguine with Clams, In Gratitude

It’s rare that we, as young people, step back from our day-to-day routines to realize that life is far grander than our desk jobs, our bad dates, our fleeting unfortunate haircuts, etc. I, like any twenty-something young female, fret about … Continue reading

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Caramelized Fennel Fettuccine with a Poached Egg + Eat In

Inspiration often strikes at the oddest of times. I often come home and find myself surrounded by recipes, but feeling completely undetermined. Even after a successful trip to the market, which has my fridge stocked with seasonal veggies like fennel, … Continue reading

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Truffled Three-Cheese Mac & Cheese: The One that Could

You know how there’s mac and cheese, and then there’s mac and CHEESE? Well, this mac and cheese falls into the latter category. It was a dish that has been a long time coming on eating/sf. After all, there are … Continue reading

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Little Ears – Orecchiette (from the archives)

We’re nearing the end of our honeymoon. And we’re probably getting tired of beef and pasta, and ready to eat vegetarian meals for a while. In honor of Argentina’s prominent Italian fare, I’m posting our first experience making pasta–orecchiette. They’re … Continue reading

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Pasta with Wild Mushrooms, Peas and Bacon

After my recent trip to Stellina, I can’t stop thinking about bacon. Not just bacon–but little bits of smoky bacon trapped in pasta and accompanied by peas and lots of cheese. Normally, I’m not a big fan of bacon. In … Continue reading

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A Quasi-Bolognese with Tomatoes

Bolognese is a traditional Italian meat sauce for pasta. It’s awesome with linguine and papardelle–wide, long and sticky noodles that absorb the flavor of the sauce and trap bits of chunk amongst their layers. The traditional bolognese–according to my Silver … Continue reading

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Farina Review: Handmade Pasta in the Mission

I’ve walked past the street-side tables and bright red sign of Farina in the Mission many a time. Over-hyped, over-priced and too hipster are all words that I’ve heard associated with this Italian restaurant that sits in a very popular … Continue reading

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Little Ears of Doughy Goodness

Few things lift the spirits and solve problems like carbohydrates (with a little wine on the side, and chocolate after). As a kid, I would eat spaghetti topped with butter and cheese on a semi-regular basis. When my dad would … Continue reading

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Pre-Celebration Chard

Most of us have probably taken in more election and campaign coverage over the past year than probably ever before. This election was one of the most watched events in America’s history–and also, one of the most powerful. The candidates … Continue reading

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