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When You Need a Cookie

I made these Spelt and Honey Crips cookies from Clotilde’s Chocolate & Zucchini blog for 2 birthday get togethers I attended last weekend. While Clotilde used spelt in her cookies, I opted for quick cooking oats and came out with … Continue reading

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NOPA- Review

I promised that I wouldn’t walk away from my first trip to NOPA without an adequate review. So, I return. I had high hopes for NOPA. With roughly 700 user reviews on Yelp alone, I figured there was something to … Continue reading

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Oh my God

Farmer’s market had fresh figs today! Eating fig now. Two. In heaven. Seriously, one of nature’s greatest gifts–plump and luscious, deep purple fig with gooey center. Mmm.

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Big Sur, Big Nature

This weekend was my very first camping trip. Crazy, I know. The story goes that my mother went camping with her family frequently as a young girl and detested it (or at least, grew to detest it) so my family, … Continue reading

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Dinner Party Equals Success

After frantically spending my week searching for recipes, ingredients and then spending the early part of my weekend prepping and executing, I am proud to say that my Father’s Day dinner party was a success! Many thanks go out to … Continue reading

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Early Father’s Day Dinner Party

I’m getting ready to throw a pretty ambitious dinner party–for my dad. Since we’ll be camping in Big Sur next weekend, I suggested that my parents come up to the city and join Matt and I for a little dinner … Continue reading

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My Friend, Spock

The potato. A curious creature. I am a self-described carb fiend. For all of my unprocessed food loves–eggplant, raspberries, peaches, artichoke, fresh whipped hummus, almonds and walnuts–I have to say that I love me some bread. The softer, nuttier, browner, … Continue reading

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