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Destino: Destined for Success

When you go to a small plates-type place, you pretty much have to go big or go home. Why? Well, while most restaurant menus offer a handful of entrees and appetizers that are each supposed to stand on their own, … Continue reading

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A Turkey Chili to Remember

Chili is, by no means, a glamorous food. It is spicy. Messy. Gooey (in some cases, depending on how much cheese you grate over it). And when you eat it, you feel it sitting in your stomach like a nice … Continue reading

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A TV Dinner, My Style

TV Dinners. These words bring up images of Lean Cuisine, take-out pizza and Coke. In college, I rarely ate at a dining room table. Rather, most nights, my roommates (whichever ones happened to be home) and I would often throw … Continue reading

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Ricotta Pancakes for Your Rainy (or Snowy) Morning

It was rather convenient of the rain to come, finally. I wouldn’t normally say this, but this past (long) weekend seemed like a particularly good one for cuddling up on my couch, cooking up a storm in my cozy apartment, … Continue reading

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It’s Been Decided

What, you may ask? Just this city’s best sushi. That’s right, I’m calling it, and I’m handing it over to Koo, right here in the Inner Sunset. It’s fair to say that I have not tried every last sushi place … Continue reading

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A Night at Chanterelle

My fiance, Matt, has done some pretty amazing things for me, but this Valentine’s Day may have just about topped everything aside from his proposal. I cook a lot. We cook a lot together. But my cooking style is what … Continue reading

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For the Meatatarian You Love

Musical Pairings: Stars – Heart & Kobe Beef Sirloin Roast “I feel like love is in the kitchen with a culinary eye. I think he’s making something special and I’m smart enough to try.” Ok, ok: so that quote isn’t … Continue reading

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Fresca: A Timely Review

Surprisingly, for my relatively reasonable approach to eating out (generally no more than 2 dinners per week), I’ve found myself facing a growing list of restaurants to review. I should really stop prefacing posts by saying, ‘review to come.’ It’s … Continue reading

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When Nostalgia Hits: the Salmon of My Past

We all have had our favorite dishes ‘of all time.’ Things that we could eat over and over again over the course of one week. Salmon was one of those dishes for me throughout my childhood and early adulthood. My … Continue reading

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A Gem in Truckee-Pianeta, A Review

A few unfortunate things happened during my ski trip this weekend. Matt’s first snowboarding lesson ended prematurely in disaster. Don’t worry, not a total disaster: at least he’s not entirely refusing to ever go again. He did, however, hurt his … Continue reading

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