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Pan-Roasted Cod with Chanterelles: Fall is Here!

Fall is such a lovely time to cook, don’t you think? Fall marks the beginning (and the end, I suppose, depending on how you look at it). For me, Fall holds a special place–when my favorite fruits and vegetables are … Continue reading

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My Favorite Dish: Chanterelles and Potatoes

I haven’t specifically been waiting to post this recipe for a while, but it so happens that I’m only getting around to it now. These sauteed chanterelle mushrooms and potatoes are something that my mom has been making for years–as … Continue reading

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Cast Iron Skillet-Seared Cod with Mushrooms

I miss peaches and blackberries this time of year. But, I’m becoming more aware of eating with the seasons. So, rather than succumbing to ridiculously-priced produce that’s been shipped to the city from lands far, far away, I’m eating what’s … Continue reading

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Pasta with Wild Mushrooms, Peas and Bacon

After my recent trip to Stellina, I can’t stop thinking about bacon. Not just bacon–but little bits of smoky bacon trapped in pasta and accompanied by peas and lots of cheese. Normally, I’m not a big fan of bacon. In … Continue reading

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Baby Turnips and Greens and Urban Farmstand

Ever since the farmer’s market came to my hood, I’ve been making fantastic discoveries. Most of the time, I’ll pick up a vegetable I’ve never prepared and ask the folks working the table how I can put it to use. … Continue reading

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A Savory Pie to Change Your Mind

In my last post, I wrote about discoveries. In this one, I think I’ll cover stubbornness and changing my mind. You see, up until very recently, I was vehemently opposed to savory pasty of any kind. Perhaps it’s my tremendous … Continue reading

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Bulgur Bowl with Zucchini, Mushrooms and Sausage

Big grainy bowls are some of my favorite dinners–warm, hearty and satisfying, they are easy to throw together, nutritious and can often be quite experimental. I’m a big fan of a variety of grains–from quinoa to couscous and bulgur. For … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mushroom Barley Soup: Ugly, but Gooood

I’ve been thinking about how to tell you about this fantastic, amazing, warming soup I made a few weeks ago. But, the truth is: it’s ugly. I know, I know. Food is supposed to look pretty on a plate. But … Continue reading

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Just A Weekday Dinner

I’m always looking for new ways to switch up my chicken routine. You know what I mean–same ‘ol, same ‘ol. I think that chicken is a super versatile protein–if you switch up the routine. I fall victim to the same, … Continue reading

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