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Tropical Salsa & The Decemberists

Lately, my life has felt like it’s been on serious overdrive–in a pretty good way. I’m not sure if it’s my increasing trips to Sonoma County for planning my wedding, lots of birthday/friend get togethers, a full load at work … Continue reading

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Little Ears of Doughy Goodness

Few things lift the spirits and solve problems like carbohydrates (with a little wine on the side, and chocolate after). As a kid, I would eat spaghetti topped with butter and cheese on a semi-regular basis. When my dad would … Continue reading

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Music + Food = Musical Pairings

Hi, friends. I’m introducing a new element to eating/sf that I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called Musical Pairings. Actually, pairings will be coming from my fiancee, Matt. You’ve seen (or will see) his name popping up throughout my posts because … Continue reading

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A Stuffed Tomato on a Sunday Afternoon

The most delicious recipes, I’ve found, are often the simplest. Case in point: gooey chocolate pudding posted by the Good Mood Food Blog. On Sunday afternoons, when I find myself home for lunch, I look forward to using some of … Continue reading

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Pampas: A Meatstravaganza

There are few times that I can think of when I have had such polar opposite dining experiences on two consecutive nights. Last weekend, though (more specifically, Friday and Saturday nights), was just that. While the company on Friday was … Continue reading

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A Spring Minestrone in the Dead of California Winter (Not)

Those of you who live in California are probably pretty thrilled to be enjoying summer temperatures in what’s usually the dead of winter (which usually involves temperatures in the 40s and rain). Like you, I’ve been dusting off my open … Continue reading

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Embracing an Inspiration: Blood Orange Fennel Salad

Ever since my visit to La Ciccia and those amazing saffron poached prawns, I’ve been thinking about how, sometimes, I’m wrong. Let me elaborate–I’m a pretty stubborn person. I don’t like cauliflower. Period. I refuse to watch Lord of the … Continue reading

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