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Contigo: Let’s Do It…Together!

I’ll be honest: I’ve been dying to check out Contigo, the tapas and wine joint that opened in Noe Valley. Contigo’s opening had been highly anticipated–its owner and chef blogged his journey to opening up his first restaurant on his … Continue reading

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Part II: Summer Goodies Dinner: First Course

I have been waiting patiently, very patiently, to tell you about this chilled watermelon soup that left me ooo’ing and ahh’ing. I know we started with dessert, but this (hopefully) will get you equally excited. Despite foggy, cold and quite … Continue reading

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Part I: Summer Goodies Dinner: Dessert

There are many glorious things about every season, but let’s be frank: summer is the kingdom of jewels. Or something like that, at least. All year long, I impatiently wait for the arrival of berries, stone fruits, tomatoes, watermelon, corn … Continue reading

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Kazu Sushi: Change in the Routine + Local Pairing

Sometimes, I get stuck on things. The same salad for lunch (spinach, berries, goat cheese, walnuts). The same, super comfortable, worn-in leather flats. The same route to work. And the same sushi restaurant. When it comes to food, I’m generally … Continue reading

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Banana Bread with Chocolate and Ginger: For Friendship

There are those dishes that instantly transport you to distant destinations, or the comforts of your childhood. Associations, as we call them, are what gives these dishes such boundary-bending properties. We all have these associations, these connections that add context … Continue reading

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Marinated Eggplant: My Summer Routine

During the summer months, I often find myself perfectly happy with a spread of sides of dinner–cheeses, olives, crackers, sliced meats, and most recently–marinated eggplant. Having never been one to have a jar of capers in my house, this dish … Continue reading

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Cafe Claude: Alley Dining

Whenever a friend suggests that we meet up after work to grab dinner at a ‘convenient location,’ it usually means downtown–especially if said dinner were to take place right after work, or with a friend that’s coming into the city … Continue reading

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Pasta with Wild Mushrooms, Peas and Bacon

After my recent trip to Stellina, I can’t stop thinking about bacon. Not just bacon–but little bits of smoky bacon trapped in pasta and accompanied by peas and lots of cheese. Normally, I’m not a big fan of bacon. In … Continue reading

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Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: A Fresh Start

This is my new favorite weekend breakfast. A big bowl of nutty, warm quinoa, tenderly soaked in milk, fragranced with cinnamon and honey, and studded with toasted nuts and berries. If you’re unfamiliar with quinoa entirely–it is a supremely nutrient-packed … Continue reading

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Stellina: Modern Italian Comfort in Pt. Reyes

Sometimes, you take a wrong turn, and end up hiking twelve miles in five hours on a day when you anticipated hiking for two hours and eating oysters. Oh wait, that hasn’t happened to you? Over the 4th of July … Continue reading

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