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Sushi Bistro: Review & Happy New Year!

Hi, all. Hope everyone had a wonderful, fantastic, relaxing, rejuvenating break from school/work/regular life. I just got back from a week in Ohio where it surprisingly never snowed (or got below freezing). I was warmly welcomed by Matt’s entire family … Continue reading

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Post Christmas Gingerbread Men

Hello there. I hope you had a lovely holiday. I sure did. I’m still in Ohio, where it is currently sixty some degrees. No snow. Some wind. Pretty unimaginable for the middle of December, but I guess I can’t complain. … Continue reading

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A Lil’ Bit of News

I told you I had some news that I wanted to share and thought today was as good a day as ever. I’m in Ohio right now, visiting Matt’s family for Christmas. Unfortunately, it’s not snowing. Good news, though, it’s … Continue reading

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Big Weekend; Small Cookie (or Two)

I’ve been looking forward to this past weekend for months. You see, December is my favorite time these days, when all of my high school and Bay Area-based college friends stream back into town, my parents’ home feels like my … Continue reading

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Azerbaijani Dolmas: Tapping Into My Family Tradition

I’m often surprised when I find out that a longstanding family recipe is actually approachable. When I was younger, the thought of making any dish that was my mom’s standby was unthinkable–how could I ever compare? Of late, though, I’m … Continue reading

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Pizzeria Delfina: Review

Last week, I discovered a secret to dining in the Mission: go early. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when it comes to getting a treasured table at a Mission hotspot. Six is definitely not when the cool kids … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Sunshine

If you asked me a few years ago what the best thing about Sunday mornings is, I would have said: a. sleeping in and b. knowing that you don’t have to go to work/school. B. is still applicable. A. is … Continue reading

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