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Amaretto-Roasted Pears + Pssst. Birthday!

I’m a chocolate person. If you met me and asked me to tell you three things about myself, the fact that I am a chocolate person would probably be one of the first things I would tell you. I’m not … Continue reading

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Maple-Olive Oil Granola: Just Me

Here I am. Making granola again. But not my go-to granola–what may become my new go-to granola. Granola that is sweetened only with maple syrup, and has an amazing floral olive oil fragrance. It is speckled with pumpkin seeds, sunflower … Continue reading

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Linguine with Clams, In Gratitude

It’s rare that we, as young people, step back from our day-to-day routines to realize that life is far grander than our desk jobs, our bad dates, our fleeting unfortunate haircuts, etc. I, like any twenty-something young female, fret about … Continue reading

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Phyllo-Wrapped Tilapia and the Elements of Home

Lately I’ve been finding myself being unable to decide. The girl who’s made nearly every decision on the basis of a gut feeling. But lately, well, my gut has been off drinking margaritas somewhere because when it comes to decisions, … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: Brunch Ideas

When I was 22, my mom and I took a trip to Europe together, where I learned that she was even cooler than I gave her credit for before. She did the sorts of things my girlfriends did when we … Continue reading

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Eggs in Purgatory, With a Twist

Matt has been traveling a lot for work recently and I have to admit that it’s really started to get me down. Before we met, he traveled a lot for work (and ultimately, the travel delayed our initial first date) … Continue reading

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Beer-Marinated Flank Steak: For Spice and Sustenance

I’m a meat girl. I am not always confident about my meat-eating ways–especially when I stop to think about the meat industry while reading books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Butcher and the Vegetarian by blogger Tara Austen Weaver … Continue reading

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