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Food Revelations: Green Beans with Smoked Paprika

Food revelations. I love having those. When you discover that putting sliced cucumbers in water instantly jazzes up a plain old pitcher. Grilling a peach and topping it with whipped cream is one of the easiest ways to create dessert … Continue reading

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Slow-Roasted Tomatoes for Thanksgiving

As far as I’m concerned, Thanksgiving is the grandest day of the year. Family, friends, food, a four day weekend. It just doesn’t get much better. As someone who loves to cook, I can’t really imagine a better day than … Continue reading

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Roast Shallot Salad: From the Archives While We’re Away

We’re kicking things off in Buenos Aires. While we’re here, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts from the archives. Some of you might remember a time before Musical Pairings. This salad is still one of my favorites that I’ve … Continue reading

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A Side with a Zing: Chard with Anchovies, Parmesan and Garlic

I truly believe that some days, the world is just looking out for you. Case in point: an unfortunate incident with our Wii this weekend that left me with a slightly blackened eye, but luckily, no significant facial bruising. I … Continue reading

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Seared Tuna with Hawaiian Sea Salts and Heirloom Bean Salad

You might think, if you briefly glanced at our recipes index, that we largely subsist on a diet of soups, seared tuna, scallops and cookies. I’d like to convince you that this is not true…but not today. Today, I’m going … Continue reading

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A Corn and Sweet Pepper Hash: Thank You, Sunshine

This past weekend was my favorite kind of weekend. The one I have desperately been needing in my life. Friday night was a get together with friends that included delicious drinks, followed by a long, 2-bottle of wine dinner in … Continue reading

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Marinated Eggplant: My Summer Routine

During the summer months, I often find myself perfectly happy with a spread of sides of dinner–cheeses, olives, crackers, sliced meats, and most recently–marinated eggplant. Having never been one to have a jar of capers in my house, this dish … Continue reading

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Shaved Cucumber Salad with Red Onion and Herbs

One of my favorite gifts to give and receive is a great book. I haven’t always been a voracious reader–I’ve gone through cycles. In elementary school, I would lug bagfuls of books from the library–nothing too heavy, mentally, but enough … Continue reading

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Creamy Bronzed White Beans with Chard

I learned about the beauty of dried beans only recently, and thankfully for all of us, Heidi Swanson of 101Cookbooks, offers quite a comprehensive guide to them on her blog and in her cookbook, which has notably introduced me to … Continue reading

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