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Veracruz-Style Snapper

I think about this blog often–as in the BB (before blog) time, when I wasn’t obsessively taking pictures of everything I ate, dreaming up dishes in my sleep, and bringing my friends along for the ride. One of the best … Continue reading

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Stuffed Poblano Peppers: Finding The Spicy

We’re kind of back to our regularly-scheduled programming. Kind of, because this Friday, you will get a taste of what went down on September 12th at our wedding. I’m really excited about the post because I’ll be sharing with you … Continue reading

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Fiesta: Fish Tacos with Spicy Salsa and Pickled Onions

Fish tacos. Do they make you wish you were sitting on a beach in Mexico, sipping on a Corona with lime? The first time I tried fish tacos was, naturally, in San Diego. A specialty of Baja, California, they are, … Continue reading

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A Spring Awakening in A Chicken Soup

San Francisco is finally, finally seeing some warmer weather. We haven’t had the worst of winters, but I’m always happy to bid adieu to rains and chilly temperatures (even if they’ll come back every once in a while). Spring to … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mexican Style Pacific Red Snapper

One of the best kinds of weekends is one where you get in something productive, but also catch something fun. This past weekend was definitely one of those. After spending the majority of Saturday afternoon shopping for a couch in … Continue reading

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East Bay Edition

I rarely make it over to the East Bay and when I do, it’s generally to see friends who live in more suburban areas. It’s true what they say, you know: us city folk are pretty city-centric (when it comes … Continue reading

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