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My Dear Madeleine, Je T’Aime

If I didn’t already have a boyfriend and was in the market for one, I’m pretty sure these cookies would be my ticket in. They might not be enough to seal a long term relationship, but I think the memory … Continue reading

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A Nod to Winos In Napa

I wrote about my last trip to Napa and my second visit to my favorite Napa winery back in May and was pleasantly surprised (ok, super excited to the point of linking to it on my Facebook page) to read … Continue reading

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I’m Still Obsessed

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Breakfast of Champions

Weekends mean eggs for me. I must admit that I am a creature of habit and one of my favorite rituals is breakfast. It’s no wonder it’s considered the most important meal of the day. What you eat for breakfast … Continue reading

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Bar Jules-What I’d Do if I Opened a Restaurant (Review)

I promise that I’ll get back to posting recipes and home cooking tales next week. It’s not that I haven’t been cooking…I just haven’t been cooking as much this week. Had a client party after work one day, went to … Continue reading

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Coco-Luxe: Review

If you’ve been to Italy, you may have had the opportunity to discover that Italians don’t do powdered Swiss Miss with dried up mini marshmallows. And bless them for that! The first time I ordered a hot chocolate in Italy … Continue reading

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Mahi Mahi- Revisted

I do love Trader Joe’s and his frozen fish fillets. At roughly $6 for 2 sizable fillets, you get 2 full meals worth. The best part is that the frozen fish tastes just as good as the fresh stuff. I’ve … Continue reading

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A Gourmet Meal, Caramalized

One of my favorite things to do on a foggy Sunday is to walk through Golden Gate Park to the Richmond district and hit up Green Apple Books. Green Apple is a gem of a bookstore. While it has a … Continue reading

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Thanks, Boss

My new furniture finally arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited. A new bookcase (which is already 100% full), media console for our TV, and a very cool modern stand/bookcase for Matt’s records. Of course, now our enormous coffee … Continue reading

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Tajines at Tajine: Review

Monday night brought an exciting visitor to town–someone I used to spend nearly all of my time with. My old neighbor and now DC transplant, Cory. I was excited to catch up with him and grab some dinner (followed by … Continue reading

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