A Nod to Winos In Napa

I wrote about my last trip to Napa and my second visit to my favorite Napa winery back in May and was pleasantly surprised (ok, super excited to the point of linking to it on my Facebook page) to read an article in the New York Times about several Napa wineries (including Frog’s Leap) that are returning to their roots, so to speak, of making traditional cabernets.

The Times’ chief wine critic, Eric Asimov actually sat down with Frog’s Leap’s John Williams and I found it refreshing to read about a winery that I find is wholly unpretentious about the great wines that it produces. From my last visit, I learned from our gracious host that Frog’s Leap was actually named as a nod to Stag’s Leap winery, whose grapes the owners purchased. The ‘Frog’s’ comes from the fact that the winery is situated on a property that was once a frog farm, dedicated to supplying frogs to local restaurants. Not sure how much of the story is totally cutesy and embelished, but regardless, think it (along with the fact that the cork says, “Ribbit” and the bottle informs drinkers of the right way to hold–up) sums up how these folks take their wine. Seriously, but with some fun.

Thanks, Eric, for giving this place–and other great Napa wineries–a nod. Looking forward to my next visit. And many more.

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